Lyrics to End

We all end up dead Every man dies Not every man really lives This army is her in Defiance of tyranny Lying in your beds Many years from now Would you trade All those Days for one Chance to tell your Enemies that they may Take our lives but They will never take Our freedom … Continue reading Lyrics to End

Lyrics to AC

There ones was this Little girl She didn’t Think much about us She didn’t knew we existed The stories she Heard chilled her bones Hey, Little girl! I assure you. We are real. Ask your parents what they fear the most. We are here to collect the debt For what they have done We are … Continue reading Lyrics to AC

Lyrics to BD

No need for haste No reason to get worked up Just taking it slow In the pace that I choose Independent. Independent I stand I choose to stay To take the road not taken When you follow the leader I choose to lead myself Independent. Independent I stand. Against your oppression Continue reading Lyrics to BD